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1. Wash your boats and ALL of your water equipment. Click here to find the closest recognized wash station to your water :


The method is simple : INSPECT - REMOVE - EMPTY - WASH - REPEAT


2. You must obtain authorization before launching your boat, whether motorized or not. Here are the three types of authorization and how to obtain them:

Type of authorization

(A) roof of daily wash

(B) Annual Pass

(C) Certificate of authorization to navigate

Document issued

Printed coupon with QR code from a recognized wash station

Annual card issued by the post office giving access to an unlimited number of daily wash proofs

Form signed by the municipality, accompanied by a sticker

Eligible customers

Residents1 and non-residents of the MRC de Témiscouata

Residents1 and non-residents of the MRC de Témiscouata

Résidents de la MRC de Témiscouata1

Eligible boat types

Motorized and non-motorized


Motorized and non-motorized

How to obtain authorization

By cleaning your boat at a recognized boat wash

By visiting the online payment portal

By visiting the municipal office during business hours

Conditions for obtaining authorization

By cleaning your boat according to the rules indicated at the recognized boat wash

By agreeing to use the annual card only with the boat concerned and by cleaning the boat according to the rules indicated at the recognized washing station

By agreeing to leave your boat on the same body of water for the entire season

Period of validity of authorization

Valid for a maximum of 8 days. The boat must be washed again before re-entering the water

Ends on December 31 of the current year, or in the event of non-compliance with the conditions of issue of the annual card

Ends on December 31 of the current year, or in the event of failure to comply with the conditions for issuing the navigation authorization certificate


Each municipality has its own regulations on boat washing and launching.

For more information, please contact your municipality or the municipality where you wish to launch your boat.

4. Authorization fee (per boat) :


Free for non-motorized boats
Non-motorized watercraft, i.e. canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and all other non-motorized nautical equipment and accessories, with the exception of sailboats, must be washed before entering a lake, but free of charge.

Residents boating on a single lake
For residents, including those with an annual rental lease at a marina or campground, who stay on or use the same lake for the entire season, the cost is $50 per year to wash a motorboat or sailboat.

Residents boating on more than one lake

If a resident wishes to sail on more than one lake in Témiscouata (with the exception of Lac Pohénégamook), the cost of unlimited boat washing is $100 per year.

Non-residents - single lake and multiple lakes

For non-residents with a motorboat or sailboat, the cost is $250 per year for an unlimited number of washes on a single lake, and $400 for unlimited washes on two or more lakes.



If you use Témiscouata's waterways on an occasional basis, you can obtain proof of washing at any time, authorizing you to stay on the lake of your choice for a maximum of 8 consecutive days, at a cost of $25 for residents and $50 for non-residents.

To keep a rich habitat and maximize the life in our lakes and rivers,
to continue to catch a wide variety of fish,
to keep our water intakes and docks in good condition,
to enjoy the beaches without unpleasant odors and to swim without getting hurt.
Together, let's stop the spread of zebra mussels.



Together we can make a difference.

For more information, you can contact your municipality.

1 The notion of resident includes users with an annual lease at a marina or campsite.